RICHARD BAKER (1925 - 2018)

The former Northampton Drama Guild member went on to become one of the most famous faces on television.

A scene from the 1942 production of Twelfth Night

The 1942 production of Twelfth Night. Richard Baker, who went on to become BBC TV's first newsreader, is on the far left.

Rob Kendall | Masque Theatre

Many of you will of heard of the death of the former BBC Newsreader Richard Baker on 17 November 2018, but may not be aware of his connection with Masque Theatre (when it was the Northampton Drama Guild).

Richard was an evacuee to Northampton during the Second World War and took part in Tom Osborne Robinson's production of Twelfth Night in Abington Park as part of the wartime Holidays at Home scheme.

Richard is in one of Tom's ubiquitous felt costumes (which we still have) on the far left of the picture, scowling a bit.