Open-air Summer Show


by A. A. Milne, adapted from the book The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame

A scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream

Part of the programme for Toad Of Toad Hall

Summer 1944
Performed in the open air in the park at Delapre Abbey, Northampton


Nurse Margaret Roberts
Enid Burdett
Mole Douglas Thomas
Rat Ashley Baxter
Alfred J Judkins
Anthony Buckeridge
Alfred Graham Brown
The Back Legs of Alfred
Dennis Chitty
Chief Ferret Peter Bartlett
Chief Weasel
Eileen Kelly
Chief Stoat Doreen Chapman
HH Smith
Clifford Pearce
Usher AE Elvey
Judge Henry W Gascoyne
Phoebe Beryl Evans
Joan M Fisher
Bargewoman Muriel Thomas
Ferrets, Weasels, Stoats, Squirrrels, Rabbits, etc
Una Baxter, Peter Brown, Rosemary Brown, Winifred Butler, Michael Flower, Lyndall Follett, Peggy Furness, Marion Kelly, Blanche Lumley, Barbara Mitchell, Richard Murby, Barbara Riby, Jean Robinson, Michael Smith, Kathleen Tarry, Joan Taylor, Alan Walker, Sheila Wright, Joan Whyte
Gwyneth Evans, Ann Smeeton, Catherine Smith, Brenda Stowe, Rita Tinsley

Producer Osborne Robinson
Stage Director
Ernest L Ives
Stage Manager Margaret J McMain
Assistant Stage Managers
June Burdett, Dennis Chitty, Robert Inglis
Wardrobe Mistress
Marjorie Ives
Business Manager
Charles FG Swallow
Costumes as used in original London Production, supplied to the Drama Club by
Messrs. Chas H Fox Ltd, High Holborn, London

PROGRAMME NOTES: 'Genial and lively'

Kenneth Grahame, the author of The Wind in the Willows from which the play has been adapted, was a born story-teller.

There are countless admirers of his other classic books, The Golden Age and its sequel Dream Days which includes The Reluctant Dragon translated to the screen by Walt Disney.

The adventures of the irrepressible Mr. Toad and his gay companions known as the River-Bankers in their clash with his sprightly enemies, the Wild-Wooders, made their first appearance in bedtime stories told by the author to his small son. Later, when the boy went on holiday, they were continued in letters, which, years after in 1908, formed the basis of the immortal book.

ln the original production at the Liverpool Repertory Theatre on 21st December, 1929, Nova Pilbeam appeared as Marigold, Frederick Burtwell as Toad, Richard Goolden' as Mole, Tom Reynolds as the Judge and Wendy Toye as Phoebe.

Then and in the several London Productions, it was received with acclamation. And no wonder, since it is a novel, genial and lively play with a universal appeal.

The programme for Toad Of Toad Hall

Northampton Drama Club

From the programme for Toad Of Toad Hall

The Northampton Drama Club has blazed an adventurous trail since its inception.

lts object to foster and encourage a vital and informed interest in the drama by creative work has been consistently maintained. Variety has been the keynote. lts internal programme has numerous and diverse features and its public presentations cover the whole gamut of the drama ranging from the classic plays of the master-playwrights to light, frothy revues.

Prior to the outbreak of the war, the Club had its own premises which included a small, well-equipped theatre and was the focal point of the principal dramatic societies of the town. Despite the large number of members in the Forces and other war-time difficulties, the Club has suceeded in keeping the flag of drama flying high.