by Elmer Rice

A scene from Street Scene

Wed 26 & Thu 27 October 1932 at 8.00pm
St Michael's Hall, Northampton


Abraham Kaplan L.C. Onley
Greta Fiorentino Miss D. Clarke
Emma Jones Miss D.M. Modlen
Olga Olsen Miss C. Bosworth
Willie Maurrant Master A. St John Price
Ann Maurrant
Miss A. Draper
Daniel Buchanan F.G. Smith
Frank Maurrant A.W. Kersey
George Jones H.H. Smith
Steve Sankey G.T. Whitsey
Agnes Cushion Miss D.A. Ward
Carl Olsen J.W. Marriott
Shirley Kaplan Miss N. Payne
Filippo Fiorentino G. Barker
Alice Simpson Mrs H. Arlidge
Laura Hildebrand Miss F. Ward
Mary Hildebrand Miss M. Simmons
Charlie Hildebrand
Master J Taylor
Samuel Kaplan
A.W. Gayton
Rose Maurrant Miss R Edwardes
Harry Easter
Miss N White
Dick McGann F. Scrimshaw
Vincent Jones T.H. Cockerill
Dr John Wilson H.J. Spencer
Officer Harry Murphy W. Barnard
College Girls
Miss M. Warr, Miss P. Laughton
A Music Student Miss W. Ball
Marshall James Henry S. Twist
Ambulance Man F. Scrimshaw
Two Nursemaids Miss R. Walding, Miss M. Rudkin
Policemen C. Stephens, R. Derby
Passers by
Members of N.D.L.

Producer Eric Slinn
Stage Manager Rev. Price
Assistant Stage Manager Percy Morris
House Manager
Saul Doffman
Lighting Effects A.N. Meier
Sound Effects R.L. Timms, Wellingborough Rd.

Drama group's first ever show

The Northampton Town and County Drama League was established in November 1931. Street Scene was its first production.

The play, by the American writer Elmer Rice, first opened at the Playhouse Theatre, New York, in January 1929 and it won Rice a Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

It follows the lives of a number of people living in a New York neighbourhood.

The Northampton Drama League's production was staged a year after the film version, which was adapted by Rice, produced by Samuel Goldwyn and directed by King Vidor.

A Broadway musical version, with music by Kurt Weill, followed in 1946.

The Northampton Drama League was later known as the Northampton Drama Club and then renamed Masque Theatre.

The front of the programme for Street Scene