Open-air Summer Show



Scenes from Lady Precious Stream

Wed 11 - Sat 21 June 1952
Performed in the open air in the courtyard of Abington Park Museum, Northampton


Wang Yun Geoffrey Brightman
Madam Wang Joan M Fisher
Su William Ford
Wei Kenneth Gray
Golden Stream Ann Tinsley
Silver Stream Betty Taylor
Precious Stream Janet Derry
Her Maid Joan M Whyte
Hsieh Ping-Kuei Keith Green
Suitors Reginald Elliott, Allan Garratt, David Cheshire, William Jones
Driver Reginald Elliott
Princess of the Western Regions Phyllis Perkins
Ma Ta Stanley Edwards
Kiang Hai Allan Garratt
Maids Pamela Pusey, Julie Hewins, Joan M Whyte, Maudaline Gunn
Mu Henry W Gascoyne
Warden William Jones
Minister of Foreign Affairs Henry W Gascoyne
Executioner William Jones
Property Men Eric Roberts, David Williams
Chinese Attendants Geoffrey Walding, John Blundell
Western Attendants David Cheshire, Reginald Elliott
Honourable Reader Joan Taylor

Producer Mary Honer
Assistant Producer Joan M Fisher
Sets designed and painted by
John Bennett
Stage Managers Frank Nightingale, Montague V Passmore
Assistant Stage Managers Pamela Moore, John Phillips
Properties Robert J Inglis
Wardrobe Eve Kew, Hilda Edwards, Winifred Pusey
Electricians William Prouse, Kenneth Drinkwater,
Stanley Monk
Business Manager A Dyas Perkins


Programme Notes: 'Naive simplicity and delicate humour'

As exquiste as a Willow Pattern Plate, Lady Precious Stream tells a vivid story in a picturesque fairy-tale manner and is notable for its naive simplicity and delicate humour.

Lady Precious Stream is the third daughter of the Prime Minister. She incurs the contempt of her noble kinsfolk by marrying the gardener, until, after becoming associated with the fascinating Princess of the Western Regions, he returns a mighty conqueror.

S. I. Hsiung, the author, who was Professor of English Literature at Peking University, has brought to us the magic of the Chinese Theatre with the humours of its novel conventions.

On the play's first production in London in 1934, Esme Percy appeared as Wang Yun, Louise Hampton as his wife, Roger Livesey as the gardener and Fabi Drake as the Princess. Produced by Nancy Price and the author, it ran in all for 800 performances.