Duties of Committee Members (Job Descriptions)


  • To promote Masque Theatre and encourage membership; the development of high standards of operation within the group and to maintain artistic integrity throughout.


  • To take overall responsibility for ensuring that the Committee/Trustees pursue purposefully the objective/s of The Masque Theatre.
  • To promote and encourage membership, development and maintenance of high standard within the group, and artistic integrity.
  • To ensure the affairs of the Masque Theatre and Masque Youth Theatre are conducted in a business like and proper manner.
  • To liaise with, and support each Officer in the conduct of their activities.
  • To encourage participation of the wider membership in the daily functioning of the group.
  • To initiate, establish and/or maintain relations with external bodies or persons actually or potentially supportive of the activities of the society.
  • To ensure that AGM and other meetings are properly published to the society and managed and minuted and that the rules of the Masque Theatre Constitution are upheld and applied.
  • To ensure the elected committee meet on a regular basis to facilitate the management of the society.


  • To ensure the administrative correct running of the society both within and with outside agencies.
  • To ensure that where performance Royalties are to be obtained this is properly done with the agents concerned.
  • To ensure venues are booked for performance.
  • To ensure that any minutes for meetings are properly taken and signed off & recorded.
  • To make available any society documentation, such as the constitution, is made available to members of the society.
  • To ensure that AGM meetings and committee elections are called annually and properly minuted and a record kept.
  • That memberships of the society (Life/Ordinary/Associate/Honorary) are properly recorded and protected under any date protect act.


  • To ensure that the accounts of the society are properly maintained and recorded.
  • To prepare end of financial year accounts for the Charity Commission, where required, and to ensure that all financial accounts are properly audited and upheld by the membership at the AGM, or extraordinary meetings if so called.
  • To ensure along with the executive committee that not less than three of their members be nominated to hold Property in trust for the society for the purposes of the Official Custodian for Charities section 16(2) of the Charities Act 1960.
  • To ensure that members of the society are covered by Public Liability Insurance.
  • To present a record on on-going expenditure/accounts for productions at ordinary committee meetings of the society, and other expenditure were necessary.


  • To liaise with directors of forthcoming productions: provide them with the Directors’ Pack/Budget Pro-forma. emend them of pragmatic issue such as collection of rehearsal fees, script monies and membership requirements.
  • Maintain an oversight of productions.
  • Ensure each production has full technical teams: stage-management/lighting/sound/costume/set design.
  • Fire Officer for each production (this may be in conjunction with FOH organiser).
  • Liaise with performance and rehearsal venues as necessary.
  • Contact the director of any production with a letter of thanks on behalf of the committee (the chair of the society may do the same).
  • Organise any workshops or supportive events for productions as required.
  • For the AGM prepare an annual report.
  • Convene the Play Reading Group to consider/propose forthcoming season/s.
  • To encourage prospective directors/actors/technicians/FOH and BO involvement.
  • Set the performance calendar and audition dates for any one season and ensure that these are publicised to good effect within the society.


  • To provide a varied series of events and meetings that bring together Masque members and other interests parties to encourage participation in Masque productions as well as the well being of the group.
  • Generally speaking the activities take place monthly or bi-monthly.
  • Where possible a theatre visit of some nature to take place annually.
  • To establish and maintain confections with other amateur societies.
  • To produce a report of the societies social activities for the AGM.


  • The purpose of the ordinary member is to support the work of the other officers elected and, where appropriate, take on some of the responsibilities of the officers and/or to ensure the running of the society in its business of productions.


  • To liaise with all aspects of the group to promote the activities of Masque Theatre through the media, and Masque website/newsletter to generate interest, audience and membership.
  • Prepare press releases for each production.
  • Produce and format the annual 3-fold on productions.
  • Ensure that press photos are available for interested agencies.
  • Report and/or record the activities of the group for local media including radio.
  • Where relevant any press cuttings/publicity be lodged with Masque archivist.
  • Provide copy for Masque website.
  • Liaise with directors for the print/publicity timetable.
  • To contact and maintain links for publicity purposes with other amateur societies.
  • Ensure posters/flyers are distributed for each production in good time.
  • Prepare a publicity report for the AGM.