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The Hypocrite
by Isaac Bickerstaffe

Douglas Turner as Darnley, Ann Stirland as Charlotte and John Cartwright as Colonel Lambert. Photo by Northampton Chronicle & Echo

28 June - 7 July 1962 at 7.30pm
The Courtyard, Abington Park Museum, Northampton

Cast & Crew

Sir John Lambert Horace Smith
Colonel Lambert John Cartwright
Doctor Cantwell Ken Gray
Darnley Douglas Turner
Mawworm Frank Blackburn
Seyward John Dowdy
Old Lady Lambert John Taylor
Lady Lambert Terry Irwin
Charlotte Ann Stirland
Betty Hilary White
Tipstaff Alan Ashley

Barry L. Hillman
Assistant Producer Susan Blanchard
Stage Manager John Hendy
Assistant Stage Managers Sheila Southern, Margaret Frost
Business Manager Kathleen Perkins
Lighting William Dews, Ian Rolfe
Set Designers Brian Mutton, Susan Gardner
Costume Design Alison Dunmore
Costumes made by Club members
Carpenter Leslie Gilbey

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Production No. 106

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Northampton Chronicle & Echo, June 1962

"Hypocrite" pleases both eye and ear

Departing from normal practice, Northampton Drama Club presents for its annual production in association with Northampton Town Council in the courtyard of Abington Park “The Hypocrite”, a play by a generally little-known playwright, Isaac Bickerstaff.

While “The Hypocrite” - with its stylised dialogue, elegant costumes and almost Moliere-like predictability of plot is a good choice for an outdoor production, it seems unlikely that it will prove such an attraction to the Northampton public as a Shakespearean production - their usual choice - might have done.

This is is pity because the play is attractive to both eye and ear, and while I did not find it one of the club’s most outstanding presentations, it has been well produced by Barry Hillman and associate producer Susan Blanchard and in the main was last night skilfully executed.

Admirably cast

The story briefly is of hypocritical priest who insinuates himself into the household of Sir John Lambert, a wealthy man, obviously intending to marry the daughter, disinherit the son and walk away with a fortune.

Ken Gray is admirabily cast as the sly outwardly pious Dr Cantwell, and gives an accomplished performance as the priest, who not content with his efforts to marry the daughter, is not above a tempting to seduce Sir John’s young wife.

Horace Smith attains a similar quality of portrayal in the role of Sir John, and John Cartwright makes light work of the part of the son, Colonel Lambert, acting with assurance and a good sense of timing.

The spirited daughter Charlotte is played in lively and convincing fashion by Ann Stirland, again a polished performance, and a good foil to the character of her gentler stepmother played de rightfully by Terry Irwin.

Difficult role

Douglas Turner could possibly strengthen to good effect the character of her lover, Darnley, although this is a difficult role to put over. Joan Taylor gives a neat character sketch as the grandmother and Frank B1ackburn another as her somewhat dubious acquaintance, Mawworm.

The cast. is completed by John Dowdy, Hilary White, Christopher Cockle and steven Barber.

The composite set, ‘designed by Brian Mutton and Susan Gardner is attractive, and the costumes by Alison Dunmore are as pleasing as they usually are for these out-of-door presentaions.


A scene from The Hypocrite